And So It goes

The outpouring of emotion leads to exhaustion, a deep felt weariness that goes beyond physical form. A sapping sadness that clings to the soul like gum embedded upon the underside of a shoe. Why bother? The question raised again and again as you scream out into the abyss seeking relevance, seeking understanding. The insanity an…

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Musical Process

Early stages was stumbling around trying to jam things together in order to just put something that didnt sound like complete trash out. Jamming things I like together and trying to force them to work together, little theory backing or structural consideration, little focus on what made sense or what was expected just trying to…

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Modern Struggle

This is a pivotal moment in history. It has come full circle, the abuses of the past are fresh in our minds. Will those who can see things are wrong, work together to impact positive change? Will greed and malice win again? Interesting and troubling times.

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connection layer

There is a lot of turmoil going on right now, as people gain awareness of the things that are happening in the world. As we discover things that lie within our core. It is easy to look at things from a negative viewpoint, us against them, they are trying to end our way of being,…

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Why Not

One of the tactics spammers take online is a form of conditioned social engineering. By making a fake account for an attractive half naked female friend request they get measurably higher rates of people accepting than other tests. It is something that is popularly attractive. So people accept because, what if it is real? What…

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