Taking the show on the road

Personally I have always been a bit of a cocoon dweller.
I was the metapod, who would rather sit in my shell until discomfort caused me to move.

That happened. The entire election process shit show has served to shatter any illusions I had in a process that worked to aspect of my benefit.
We saw corruption, we saw ignorance, we saw opportunity, we saw hope.

The powers that be played predictably and now there is motivation to act, to take a leap and move to a location that reflects the values that I cherish. Where there is more confidence in the ability to live as we wish unmolested. Freedom, the pursuit of happiness.

Basic human decency, prioritizing things that are beneficial over things that are destructive. Caring about human rights. These basic principals that seem, to be required to be a decent human being but instead we are left with madness.

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

America is in a perpetual state of war, our bombs are constantly dropping, are troops are always deployed.
The police state is rising, the police are more heavily armed than ever, hostile tactics are being taken against people protesting in peace.

Seems like there reasons to leave are stacking up while the reasons to stay are not as important as they once were. Sanity and the pursuit of personal liberty seems to be at a premium.
Costa Rica February 2018

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