On Ego

Ego, such a dreadful taste which causes visage to cringe in agony as if torment is being delivered upon mortal form, simply by the passing of those words from lips.

That convoluted idea that forces my thoughts to shift toward a selfish view point, with disregard to the suffering of others. My carefully restricted beast which is being fed from the hands of strangers, looking on anxiously as the pets which belong to others are able to stuff their faces with empty caloric intake.

A plethora of falsehoods being delivered to the masses, as egos are stroked ensure that your success and failure as defined by a twisted society define who you are.
My pet is no different, it craves those things that I would deny it, and in that craving there is danger, because the rancorous beast given its nature would consume unending all those empty promises and broken dreams.

Logic, and reason, and intuition, and heart, and empathy work together to tame this savage, to prevent him from growing from consuming me. But he is an aspect of me, and at some point his nature must be accepted into the whole. He must be embraced as a brother and convinced to work with me that we can achieve the greatness we are capable of.

A reflection of the light within, the sparkle in the eyes of lovers, of family and friends as they speak. Those incredible individuals who have touched my life through association, through music, through art. These people who see that reflection in me as I wrestle with the dilemma of integrated oneness, when multiplicity seems so apparent to me.

Is the me I am strong enough to stand up to the pressure placed by unleashing this far from domesticated beast to live among the tame animals that reside within my being, for if guard is let down and his intentions turn sinister would I realize the transformation before it began. Heart says yes, logic says no, ego screams that you are special, you are strong you can handle it.

He agrees, heart agrees, experience shows the traps within such thinking, and I pause hand hovering above the latch that unleashes the potential that is restricted from this internal struggle against myself.

Death comes for us all….will you live fully before the sands run out?
Make rules…establish anchors, trust yourself to be yourself, embrace what you are and live it fully. Decision made as I debate in poetic prose with myself….

A portion of me weeps as the door to the cage is opened.
Farewell bid to the me I used to be, hello to the me I am, and work today to ensure the me I am to become shines brightly.

I will help you find……

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