Musical Process

Early stages was stumbling around trying to jam things together in order to just put something that didnt sound like complete trash out.

Jamming things I like together and trying to force them to work together, little theory backing or structural consideration, little focus on what made sense or what was expected just trying to make it work.

I think my process has improved despite not doing anything notably music related for the past 3 years, because I have grown as a thinker, designer, and problem solver, I have also picked up on other areas of music theory that should hopefully allow me to make a dramatic leap forward and find the treasures worth polishing versus shining everything I do.

Prototyping and roughs, musical concepts on scratch paper, the most likely to succeed of my creative progeny get  raised, educated and goto college.

Sorry kids you all dont get the resources though I love you all, I cannot love you all equally because resources are limited and production adds value to those who are most likely to shine and succeed

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