There is a lot of turmoil going on right now, as people gain awareness of the things that are happening in the world. As we discover things that lie within our core.

It is easy to look at things from a negative viewpoint, us against them, they are trying to end our way of being, how can they not see. Both sides have this in common. Whether right or wrong given that conflict of this nature exists.

After a point, there will be greater conflict, as you express your version of reality upon others. The others who have their own identity and culture will resist, as always.

Change is constant, your perspective has flaws, as does theirs.

I can listen to music from my some of my favorite artists, who a few years ago would have been locked out from getting that level of distribution.

This ubiquitous occurrence, signifies the opening of new pathways of information flow, of connection. Inspiration and motivation, new signals coming in offering differing perspectives on the same event.
The internet was not a small event, we are now more connected than ever, and dealing with this information override on a global basis.

The “how could you say that” occurrences that happen on a personal level are being played out on a global level, and reflected in our cultures, in our behaviors, in our politics, in our actions as a species.

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