And So It goes

The outpouring of emotion leads to exhaustion, a deep felt weariness that goes beyond physical form.
A sapping sadness that clings to the soul like gum embedded upon the underside of a shoe. Why bother?
The question raised again and again as you scream out into the abyss seeking relevance, seeking understanding.

The insanity an loneliness grows, who cares, why should anyone?
You are not being likable you are not being entertaining, why should anyone give a flying fuck what you think?

Are your thoughts so deep and meaningful that their potency should be relevant on their own merits? Is your progress so advanced that people can learn lessons from you?

No more than anyone can learn from others, and yet even that modicum of civility between people exchanging concepts is lost, as teeth and claws scrape at your sanity, you care and because you care it hurts. The pain lingers, and you act irrationally.

Cut out your heart, and squash your feelings, then go back to work.

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